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When in Madrid: 4 Money Saving Tips

We get it – You want to make the most of your Madrid trip. But that doesn’t mean you need to go beyond your budget so as to accommodate every marvelous opportunity in the city.

Madrid is a very beautiful place. You can make the most of your experience without breaking your bank. Here’s how:


1. Consider Couch-surfing. Save money on accommodation while enjoying the hospitality of the locals. Although there are lots of cost-friendly inns and hostels around the city similar to cheap hotels in Amsterdam Vondelpark, you still have plenty of other options to maximize your budget.

2. Join a walking tour. This is the best way to explore a new place. The city is a living art so you get lots of eye candies while exercising and discovering. You can bask in Madrid’s heavenly architecture and landscapes while strolling around and socializing with a group of tourists. There are a number of walking tours offered in the city. Try to explore more about this on our website or tech blog, and get access to our promo codes for greater discounts.


3. Enjoy a big lunch. Did you know that lunch is very cheap in Madrid? Enjoy the “menu del dia”. It is the most economical way to eat in town. You can enjoy a selection of “muy bien” foods at around €10-15.

museum4. Visit museums on their free entry days. Their museums are inarguably one of the best in the world. Their rich history and legendary artists left so many beautiful imprints that the world needs to see and appreciate. Here’s the good news: You can relish in their marvel for FREE. Museums have certain times and dates for free entry access to some of the classic artworks and Baroque artifacts. Make sure you drop by on these hours.

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What other money saving tips can you suggest? Feel free to tell the community in the comment section below.