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6 Travel Tips When Visiting Madrid, Spain

Discover Spain’s capital city that is filled with antique spots, contemporary works, tasty vinos, and delectable meals. These tips can help make the most of your visit:

Learn basic Spanish

speakWhether you’re traveling in Madrid or to any other foreign countries in the world, it is always best to brush up your language skills even a little. You can learn some important phrases online on the internet. Such effort will endear you to the locals. Although most customer service interactions in Madrid can speak the English language, they will appreciate you more if you’ll come by swinging with your Spanish.

Know where to stay

This big city is very accommodating to foreigners. Here you can find plenty of places to rest, from cheap stay-ins to luxurious hotels. You don’t have to worry about finding accommodation within central locations. One best thing about Madrid is its extremely manageable transportation services. So, you have easy access to almost anywhere you want to go.

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Enjoy the mercados

Madrid is known for its many mercados (markets) that offer lots of tapas, wines, and many other local treats. Head over to the popular Mercado San Miguel where you can buy famous souvenirs at lowest prices. Do a postcodecheck if you want to enjoy foods at low key mercados, take a trip to Mercado San Anton and San Ildefonso too.

Take a lovely stroll at the botanical gardens

You should never miss Parque El Retiro while visiting Madrid. It is the best place to unwind and de-stress from the hustles and bustles of the city. Taking a stroll in the botanical garden is free, so you can save bucks while immersing in its beauty.

Ride a bike

Do you want to go for more sightseeing opportunities while saving bucks from your cab? Try hopping on BiciMad bikes. They have programs where you can unlock the bikes and drop them off at 300 locations around the city.

Drink and experiment with vino

wineSpanish wine is among the best in the world. If you’re a sommelier or a casual vino fan, Madrid will never disappoint you. Once you taste its wine, any other wine in the world becomes pale in comparison. And here’s the best part: These quality wines are cheap too. You can enjoy a good glass at around €5. Madrid has a rack of great tasting vinos, so try not to focus too much on the popular Rioja.

The floor is yours…
Tell us what you love most on your trip to Madrid. Share us your memorable stories or post your favorite photo in the comments below.